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About VivaMallorca

About us and our idea

Dot Online GmbH is part of a group of companies that specialise in various services in the IT sector. One of our founders was also active as a property developer in Berlin for a long time. The idea for VivaMallorca came to us when we were looking for a flat to rent on Mallorca ourselves many years ago. We had not been on the island for a while and so didn't know which estate agents were currently available, where you could find the best and biggest offer or where to even start looking. We booked a week of holiday and waited until we arrived on the island to spend a lot of time doing our research and getting a suitable overview on the ground. For a week, we did nothing but find estate agents, laboriously going through their individual websites and contacting every single one of them.

After this experience, we decided to develop a portal that would make trying to find serious estate agents and suitable properties on Mallorca considerably easier. A portal that would be a central point of contact to the best estate agents on Mallorca and the neighbouring islands, even for the people who have no idea about the local circumstances. A portal that would give people access to the widest possible range of properties without having to go from one website to another and having to start your search, time and time again. A portal where a single central search request is enough for someone to be informed automatically and frequently about all offers that match that search criteria, by every estate agent.

This was our goal and so we started to build an online property market, specifically for Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, exactly as we would have wanted when we first came to Mallorca looking for properties. Our own experiences and wishes were always what drove and motivated us throughout the long period of development. The result is VivaMallorca and we are delighted to now make it much easier for many visitors of Mallorca to find their desired property. Give it a try!

Finding property

VivaMallorca offers you the entire property market of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands at a glance.

Estate agents and property providers present their estates on VivaMallorca, which means that you are able to find your dream home on a central property portal. The widest range of search criteria and setting options are available to make the search as easy and user-friendly as possible for you.

Use of the site is completely free of charge and no registration is required. All of the information and search options are available to you, even as a guest visitor to VivaMallorca. You can use the various setting options and detailed criteria to search for all properties that meet your requirements, whether you want apartments, houses, land or businesses. It can be a long-term rental, a holiday rental, or a purchase.

In addition, you have the option to register on VivaMallorca with your e-mail address and password, which gives you many more options and functions - also free of charge. For example, you can save and manage favourites that you have created during your visit on VivaMallorca, which lets you call them up at any time for editing or even deletion.

In particular, you also have the option to create any number of detailed search requests centrally, with the advantage that you will be informed immediately by e-mail as soon as new properties matching your search criteria come onto the market, regardless of which provider adds them. You can choose whether you want to be informed daily or just once a week.

Offering properties

VivaMallorca is the central point of contact for all private individuals, companies and investors interested in properties on Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, whether they want apartments, houses, land or business and whether they want a long-term rental, a holiday rental or make a purchase.

Use this potential to present yourself in the best possible way on the Internet and to win new customers through VivaMallorca. Because with VivaMallorca you can reach customers directly as they search:

Attractive presentation

Clients are able to search for their desired property according to precise specifications either online or by using a corresponding search request. Our algorithm will find the most suitable properties for your clients. If customers see something of their interest, they can click on a detailed report about your property that includes all of its features, your personalised description and your photos, before they contact you directly. All of the detailed contact information is provided by you, just like on a business card. Of course, the customer also has the option to click on your own website to get precise information and make an appointment with you to view the property.

Automatic scanning

For a one-off setup fee we program an individual "crawler" that automatically reads the property listings from your website, so that all your properties are presented on VivaMallorca at the same time, without any additional work for you. You have the ability to modify the properties through your account management options, e.g. adding further languages, changing descriptions and property criteria as well as prices.

User-friendly property management

Alternatively, you have the ability to manage the properties you offer on VivaMallorca personally by entering the property yourself using a convenient input wizard, adding descriptions, selecting features and uploading photos. This means that you have the best possible control of your own property portfolio.

Attractive price model

There are no basic fees for listing properties with VivaMallorca, but you only pay if an individual customer is interested in your specific property. This keeps you totally in command of your costs and lets you maintain your advertising expenditure in check. Due to our attractive price scale, you are not burdened with unnecessary fixed costs, but only have advertising expenses if the customers are actually interested in your property. An attractive price scale signifies that the click price will decrease more and more, as the number of report views of your property descriptions grows. Therefore, you can profit from the best possible price model (prices starting from 10 cents per click and report view).

Important statistics

The online statistics we offer are also an important tool. You can use your account management options to see exactly who was interested in which of your properties, so that you have this information at your fingertips and are able to generate helpful, statistical surveys. You can see ranking lists of the most popular properties and gain new insights to help you optimise your marketing and property portfolio.