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Many people can confirm that Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places to live and to spend your holidays in Europe. Maybe even in the whole world. In terms of property, Mallorca is also a special market place.

This is because Mallorca is not just home to well-known estate agents, whose names are familiar in many other holiday destinations and where we live. It also has hundreds of local providers that only operate on Mallorca, which are just as good and have an abundance of gems in their portfolios. They usually have something very special to offer.

Nobody can know every estate agent, even the major players, especially if you are not familiar with the particular conditions on Mallorca or if you have not looked into what is available in advance. This means that smaller agents barely get a chance to be seen and found or even appear on the radar of customers without spending a lot of money on marketing.

The aim of VivaMallorca is to make the property search as simple and convenient as possible for everyone involved in the market. With VivaMallorca, it's not the provider who just pays for an expensive cover page on a property magazine or has the most amazing poster in the town who gets the most attention, but every provider who has the right property to offer customers.

This is because VivaMallorca always puts the emphasis on the customer and the property, because the most important thing is finding that perfect home. It is not about who has the biggest advertising budget. This means that every provider has the same chance of being seen and found as easily as possible.

Become a partner on VivaMallorca and help us make the search for property a really pleasant and memorable experience for every customer. Get in touch with us today.